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Making Medicine Accessible & Affordable

At mPharma, our loyalty is with the patient. We start and end our day thinking about how we can enable anyone with a chronic condition afford their medications. We work with Payers, Providers and Drug Manufacturers to develop solutions that improve the access and affordability of medicines. Our mission is to ensure universal access to chronic drugs for all patients who need them.

Patients find the medicines they need.

Kwame has high blood pressure and needs medicine to treat his condition. He’s eager to use the medicines his doctor prescribes to treat his conditions, but they are expensive. He has had trouble paying for his drugs upfront.

This all changed after Kwame’s pharmacist enrolled him into Mutti, mPharma’s drugs payment service. Now, Kwame is confident that the medicines he needs will always be available at prices he can afford.


  • Medications are always in stock
  • Increased access to high-quality medications at affordable prices
  • Monthly prescription refills and reminders keep treatment on track

Third Party Payers get customers, and get paid.

Better Health Insurance spends more than 40% of their reimbursement budget paying for drug claims. The high cost of drug claims prevents Better Health from managing their cost and growing their subscriber base.

Now that Better Health has partnered with mPharma, they have reduced their reimbursement by 30% and can now include a wider range of high quality brand and generic drugs in their drug formulary.


  • Real-time data on customers’ health and adherence
  • Higher quality medications for clients
  • Lower reimbursement costs
  • Quicker claims processing

Hospitals extend care beyond the patient visit.

Luyando runs a clinic for patients with chronic disease. The cost of purchasing drugs for her hospitals keep rising and it prevents her from providing care at affordable prices to her patients. All that changed when her clinic joined mPharma’s Group Purchasing Network. Now, mPharma purchases the drugs her clinic needs at a lower price and she only has to pay after she has dispensed them.


  • Stock on consignment
  • Pay after dispensation
  • Eliminate stock-outs
  • Improved patient adherence

Drug Manufacturers receive data on consumption, populations, and outcomes.

Emmanuel is responsible for marketing and sales at a pharmaceutical company. Emmanuel wants to expand his company’s footprint across the developing world, but lacks sufficient data to determine which drugs in his portfolio will perform well.

Now that Emmanuel’s company subscribes to MuttiX, he can leverage rich prescription data to enhance sales and marketing efforts. 


  • Insights on drug utilization patterns
  • Anonymized prescription, dispensation, and disease trends
  • Location and venue based filtering