Stock up with the drugs your patients need.

When you partner with mPharma, affordable medicines are always available.

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You only pay for what you dispense.

With mPharma, revenues are based on actual drug sales to patients. Instead of buying stock, mPharma gives it to you. We take the risk. We manage the expiry dates. Result: no stock-outs.

Transform your customers’ experience with QualityRx.

Leaky roofs, unpainted walls and broken cabinets are no way to treat patients. Be part of the community pharmacy network that helps you by financing improvements to your facilities and your inventory. When you enter our profit-sharing agreement, you’ll see your business flourish as you provide improved care for your patients.

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Pass on the benefits to customers with Mutti.

Now your customers can pay in instalments and get an extra 7% discount with cashless transactions on their Mutti card.

That’s why more than 70% of QualityRx customers are already Mutti members.

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