Data Engineer


February, 2019

Who We Are

mPharma has a simple mission, to make quality medicines affordable and accessible to all patients, but the path to achieve this is highly complex. Every day we come to work excited to tackle the many human and technological challenges that prevent our mission from being achieved. We not only believe in the impact that we are making, but also in the people that are making that impact a reality. A line of code is only as good as its human outcome, and we are ensuring that we make a positive difference in the world we live in.

As a data engineer at mPharma, you will work on an autonomous squad of engineers, product managers, and designers that decide what needs to be built and how to build it. Each day data engineers at mPharma are working on problems like how to create complex data enrichment pipelines, how to use computer vision to enhance the on-boarding experience, or how to present to the team the wonders of Spark. Furthermore, we believe that engineers play a critical role in the product definition, so you will work with product managers and designers to determine how to solve real problems that real people have.

At the end of the day, mPharma believes in people, and in addition to being highly skilled, our team is collaborative and welcoming. We are looking for engineers who want to grow the company, themselves, and their colleagues.


Who are you

  • You are a smart, kind, team player that wants to innovate while building value
  • You are comfortable writing Python and you love Jupyter
  • You are experienced with modern infrastructure and tooling
  • You love best practices in your area of expertise
  • You believe in practices like data provenance, automated testing, continuous delivery
  • You are comfortable with designing and building scalable, distributed systems
  • You know how to apply data structures and algorithms to real world problems
  • You are great at performing data analysis across multiple data sets


What you might work on

  • Automated data structuring and enrichment
  • API development
  • Integrations between complex systems
  • Optimization of data queries and flows
  • Forecasting with models like Deep AR


Technology keywords (to name a few)

#python #django #hug #golang #kubernetes #marathon #mesos #docker #redis #postgres #rabbit #nifi #redshift #java #vault #terraform #react #redux #pact #openid #istio #ambassador



  • Accra, Ghana or Lagos, Nigeria



If you meet the above criteria, please email your current CV and cover letter describing why you are interested in working with mPharma and how you would make a good addition to our team to Please use the subject line “data engineer – (Your Country) – (Your Name)”.



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