What is QualityRx?

QualityRx is a pharmacy retailers cooperative that unites community pharmacies under one brand. Members leverage scale, marketing expertise, and insights to drive better business decisions, increase growth and profitability and enhance patient care. Through QualityRx, mPharma provides mom and pop pharmacies with services and programs that help them compete more effectively in their local communities. We start by refurbishing  community pharmacies with contemporary decor and signage that reinforce their commitment to personalized care. Mom and pop pharmacies that join QualityRx will be associated with high quality medicines, low prices, and an amazing customer experience. QualityRx pharmacies are more than doubling the revenues they had before joining the network. Patients that go to a QualityRx pharmacy will receive the best care and spend less for their medicines. Struggling independent pharmacy owners no longer need to face the difficult choice of closing down their pharmacies or selling to a pharmacy chain.

The QualityRx Story

Mr. Amankwah founded Fresh Spring Chemists in Tema, Ghana in 1996. It was the biggest pharmacy in Tema but unfortunately, it went through a rough period which saw it lose customers to new pharmacies. At the verge of closing down, Mr. Amankwah heard about mPharma’s new service for community pharmacies called QualityRx. Through QualityRx, Fresh Spring was refurbished and restocked at no cost to Mr. Amankwah. Today, Fresh Spring is winning back all the customers it lost and providing a better service to them.

Interest Free Loans

Up to $10K loans are provided to pharmacies and can be used for refurbishment and as working capital.

Marketing Expertise

mPharma’s team of designers and marketers will work with you and your team to build an in-store and digital identity to help drive traffic to your pharmacy.

Inventory Financing & Management

You’ll never run out of stock or pay for what you don’t dispense with guaranteed access to mPharma’s Vendor Managed Inventory solutions.

Clinical Support

With free health screenings, patient adherence, and immediate entrance into mPharma’s Mutti Loyalty program for patients, your pharmacy will be a top destination for excellent patient care.

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